See out below are a sampling of testimonials regarding Suzanne Deliscar’s various services. Additional testimonials can be provided upon request.

“My husband is a law firm partner called to the Bar in Ontario and a practising litigator … He listened with me to parts of this webinar and was impressed with Ms. Deliscar’s presentation and with the depth and breadth of her knowledge. As a translator and editor of academic, government policy, and business documents, I found this webinar to be efficient, effective and extremely good value for the money. Highly recommended!” D. W., Translator, Canada

“My company has worked with Ms Deliscar on a number of occasions and I have always been impressed by her in-depth knowledge of the subject she is teaching. She has a clear and informative teaching style, and prepares extremely relevant and interesting talks on several different subjects relating to law and legal translation. I feel fortunate to be able to work with a lawyer-linguist of Ms Deliscar’s calibre.” Lucinda Brooks, eCPD webinars, United Kingdom

“I liked Suzanne’s professional approach, consistency and reliability. Her best professional quality is that Suzanne has been able to combine and practise two demanding professions and at the same time and successfully. I found that very inspirational.” Alessandra Diagne, Independent Translation and Subtitling Professional, United Kingdom

“Suzanne and I have collaborated on legal translations in the Spanish > English and French > English language pairs. She is responsive, accurate and collegial. I look forward to working with her again.” Anita Goela, Lawyer-Linguist, Alpha Professionnelles, Canada

“I presented with Suzanne during the Proz.com Freelance Translator Virtual Conference in 2010 on the topic of “Specialization for Freelance Translators”. Suzanne, being a lawyer-linguist added useful input when discussing how being a subject matter specialist reflects in producing better work results in translation. I look forward to another opportunity for working with her again in the future.” Fahd Hassanein, Arab Localizer, Egypt

“I was very pleased with Suzanne Deliscar’s ‘Be Special’ webinar on ProZ.com. She helped us colleagues focus on a number of visibility-related issues and offered imaginative ideas to stand out in the overcrowded world of translation.” Barbara Carrara, Independent Translation and Localization Professional, Italy

“Suzanne is a great trainer indeed. I met her first a few weeks ago attending one of her training lessons where I could enjoy an excellent presentation about the difficult world of legal matters and terms that she explained in a clear and understandable way. For me, it was a valuable and very pleasant experience. I am looking forward to your further lessons, thank you Suzanne.” Verena Weber, Independent Translation and Localization Professional, Germany

“Suzanne is a great professional who is able to get things done. I look forward to continue our business relation.” Xavier Maza, IDISC, Spain

“Suzanne’s ProZ Legal Terminology webinars are an excellent way to become familiar with legal terminology and ask questions specific to the different aspects of legal translation. During the webinars and after, she has been very helpful and accessible, also providing access to online resources and free e-books. I would highly recommend these webinars to someone looking to explore legal translation.” Miriam Papps, Intuit Language, Canada

“I have worked with Suzanne as a presenter, panelist and trainer for ProZ.com. She is extremely knowledgeable, organized and detail oriented and I would highly recommend working with her as a translator marketing and skill expert.” Lesley McFayden, Proz.com, U.S.A.

“I took Suzanne’s course Standing Out in the Language Services Industry through www.proz.com. Her training conveys a very important message for those of us complementing our past and present careers with our passion to translate without feeling divided for doing it.” Christian Zuili Góngora, ZUiLi, Spain

“I had the pleasure to attend a training on the language of contracts, delivered by Suzanne. I can say that the training was very well structured, it contained a lot of relevant information and the presenter (Suzanne) knowledgeably answered all our queries. She is both an excellent legal professional and a great translator&trainer. I would highly recommend her as a trustworthy expert!” Iuliana Isac, Certified Legal Translator, Romania

“Suzanne has a deep knowledge of the fields she works; her high teaching skills allows her to clarify tricky aspects of English legal issues for French-speaking audience.” Catherine Pieret, CP Trad, Italy

“I have participated in the webinar presented by Suzanne. It was very well prepared and highly informative. I have benefited from all the information Suzanne gave during this webinar”. Dorota Goczal, Translator and Interpreter, Poland

“Ms. Deliscar is a very competent speaker with a sound knowledge in her field of expertise. Her presentations are well-organized and provide a lot of helpful information about the translation of legal texts. It is very easy to follow her explanations and I look forward to participating in another of her webinars”. Lieselotte Kleinhas, Translator, Germany

“I attended seven Webinars on Legal Translation and Terminology organized and held by Suzanne on ProZ.com from 2011 until now (2012). I am extremely satisfied with all these webinars attended and they are very interesting and enlightening. I am particularly interested in one of these webinars entitled “The Language of Contracts: Reading and Understanding Contracts”, which outlines the main structure and contents of contracts”. Shirley Lao, Independent Translation and Localization Professional, Taiwan

“I have taken several online courses with Suzanne via Proz.com pertaining to Legal Terminology for Legal Translators (Patent, Commercial, Family, Real Estate, Will and Estates Law). The courses were very helpful and easy to understand with lots of links for law glossaries, etc.” Manon Kellman, MGK English-French Translation Services, Canada

“I have taken a few of Suzanne’s only classes for lawyer-linguists and am very pleased with the content, preparation a delivery. I look forward to more classes with such a clear and engaging professor”. Melissa Mann, Translator & Interpreter, Brazil

“Suzanne’s great knowledge of Law and Languages is coupled with her passion for helping people locally and globally”. Stephane Kalonji, Pastor, Reformation Lutheran Church, United States of America

“I participated in webinars held by Suzanne on legal terminology for translators and found her to be very well-prepared, organised and professional in her delivery. She interacted comfortably with the audience within the context of the webinar. I learned a lot and would readily recommend her to give similar presentations”. Danae Seemann, Independent Translation and Localization Professional, Greece