Official French version of Constitution long overdue

Posted on: March 16th, 2018 by Suzanne Deliscar Add A Comment

It’s time Canada’s Constitution was made fully bilingual, Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar tells

At its recent annual general meeting, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) passed a resolution demanding the federal government enact French versions of portions of the Constitution that never made it onto the statute books.

“It’s a very important issue, and I’m glad the CBA is pushing it,” says Deliscar, principal of Deliscar Professional Corporation, a law firm that offers services in English, French and Spanish. “It’s a good reminder that the Constitution is a collection of documents, rather than a single one.”

When the Constitution Act, 1982 passed Parliament, s.55 required that French versions of all the documents listed in the schedule “shall be prepared by the Minister of Justice of Canada as expeditiously as possible.”

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