Lawyers and self-reps benefit from translated French decisions

Posted on: June 3rd, 2017 by Suzanne Deliscar Add A Comment

Lawyers and laypeople alike benefit from a service that translates selected Quebec judgments from French into English, says Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar.

The Société québécoise d’Information juridique (SOQUIJ) has performed the service since 2004, identifying key cases at the Court of Appeal of Quebec, the Court of Quebec, and the Superior Court of Quebec, and translating them free of charge for users of its website.

“I love the idea behind it, which is to help lawyers in all jurisdictions get hold of cases that are of national interest in English that they might not come across otherwise,” Deliscar tells

“The fact that it’s free is great too because it means the whole community can get access. That’s important for self-represented litigants,” adds the principal of Deliscar Professional Corporation, a law firm that offers services in English, French and Spanish.

In a recent post announcing the launch of Soquij’s new blog, translator Vera Roy said the society’s goal is to “promote access to Quebec case law beyond the francophone legal community and citizens of this province, make the valuable insight of Quebec judges more widely known across Canada, and enrich Canadian law.”

Due to the national relevance of bankruptcy, Constitutional and criminal law matters, those are the most often translated, Roy explained.

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