November is “Make a Will Month”

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Make a Will Month


Did you know November is Make a Will Month? The Ontario Bar Association, of which I am a member, is bringing to light the importance of having a will that specifically expresses your wishes.

Consider this…

You’ve spent a good part of your life building your assets and now you have an opportunity to precisely and accurately make sure your assets are distributed as YOU want.

With a Will…

  • Your family will not have to guess what your final wishes were;
  • You can control the age at which your children receive their inheritance;
  • You can express your wishes for custody of your children;
  • Your family will have greater certainty and a smoother transition during a difficult time;
  • Your executor will have the authority to make funeral arrangements, handle business and communicate with your banks and financial institutions immediately after your death.

Please take a few moments to reflect on these points. If you haveany questions or would like to schedule a meeting, please contact my office at 1-855-941-5522 ext. 2 or by email:

Make a Will Month

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