OBA Diversity Recommendations a Great Step Forward

Posted on: November 10th, 2016 by Suzanne Deliscar Add A Comment

The Ontario Bar Association’s (OBA) adoption of an organization-wide diversity statement and recommendations for change are great steps toward understanding the issue and to open a dialogue, says Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar.

“There has been a great deal of discussion about diversity in the profession over the last couple of years in Canada and the United States, and it has come to light that some lawyers might not feel as comfortable or as supported as they should be,” she tells AdvocateDaily.com. “This problem should be addressed. It doesn’t just affect those lawyers; it also affects the people they serve.”

Deliscar, principal at Deliscar Professional Corporation, says it’s important there is an acknowledgement from the OBA, a voluntary professional organization and considered the voice of the industry, that there is a problem and more discussion is needed.

She weighs in on the issue after the OBA approved a series of recommendations following a panel discussion by the organizations’s Equality Committee. The discussion focused on diversity in leadership, as well as inclusion and representation within the OBA.

Read more at the following link: http://www.advocatedaily.com/suzanne-deliscar-oba-diversity-recommendations-a-great-step-forward-deliscar.html


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